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Meet your allies and mentors

An Action-Oriented Conference for Gospel-Oriented Christians

Come to the 10 Talents Conference to connect with other Christians around kingdom-building plans and projects. This is not a conference for armchair theologians. It’s for people passionate about living out their faith in practical action and service, with a focus on the everyday ministries available to all of us – from neighborhood evangelism and local politics to media and the arts. Come find out how to invest the talents God has given you right now, and meet others who can sharpen you, work with you, or mentor you along the way.

A Better Way to Connect

10 Talents takes an innovative approach to helping you identify your most like-minded fellow attendees, get to know them, and stay connected with them after the conference is over. Because your typical conference format makes it all too easy to walk right past the best connections.

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Find New Co-Laborers

Actively working in:

  • Counseling
  • Elder care
  • Dressmaking and alterations

Wants to be involved in:

  • Starting a sewing business to employ battered women

Actively working in:

  • Writing
  • Counseling

Wants to be involved in:

  • Fighting human trafficking
Know Who You’re Sitting With


  • History
  • Literature
  • Programming

Wants to be involved in:

  • Film


  • Oil painting
  • Carpentry

Actively working in:

  • Church planting in Romania

Actively working in:

  • Counseling
  • Midwifery
  • Elder care
  • Spanish translation
Build New Teams


  • Programmer

Current projects:

  • Sermon Database


  • Front-end developer

Current projects:

  • Bible memorization app


  • Graphic Designer

Current projects:

  • Cover art for math curriculum

A Different Kind
of Conference Experience

The conference format has been crafted to create the best balance of foundational doctrine, practical application, personalized advice, focused conversations, and follow-up plans, to help make it — and keep it — truly actionable, even after you get home.

the attendees you have the most in common with using our conference app. Search by interests, activities, location, and more. (Choose how much to share about yourself.)
with new friends or mentors on your own time. Set up coffee appointments. Coordinate lunch-table meet-ups. This schedule was made for networking.
to powerful keynotes about God’s priorities for every Christian, the power of relationships, and how to seek God’s direction for your life.
in round-table discussions to get practical ideas and advice about your areas of interest. Talk with veteran Christian activists about pro-life work, local outreach, business, and more.

A Focus on Action

Whether you're still trying to figure out where to plug in, or just want to be more effective at what you're already doing, this conference is all about helping you helping you lay a strong foundation (both theological and practical) for optimum fruitfulness.

We may feel like we're waiting for God to give us what we need to get started, but He may be watching to see how we're investing what He's already given us. Learn to recognize the talents you're holding in your hands right now, and how to multiply them.
Some of the most significant movements in history started with small groups of dedicated friends. Discover the power of teamwork that God has built into the local and universal Body of Christ, and how it could transform your endeavors.
How do you know what God wants you to be doing? Hear practical wisdom on how to seek first the Kingdom through your work, ministry, and relationship decisions, and find your unique role in the Lord's plan.
If we want God to use us, we need to become "useful to the Master, ready for every good work." Learn what kind of purifying and preparing goes into becoming "always ready," "fully equipped," and "approved to God as a workman."
Discipling the nations isn't about programs or giant ministry organizations, and doesn't require a passport. Learn how to live out the Great Commission right where you are — one friend, neighbor, or co-worker at a time.
All our plans and dreams about taking the world for Christ will only be as good as our willingness to get our hands dirty meeting the "pressing needs" around us. Get a vision for how YOU can be Christ's hands and feet to those around you.

October 3-5

The conference will be held in the beautiful Nashville First Church of the Nazarene, 10-15 minutes from the Nashville airport, with free coffee socials, lunches, and dinners served in the venue to maximize networking time. More details

Individual registration: $120.00
Group registration (4+ people): $90.00

Registration fee includes price of four meals (Friday lunch, Friday dinner, Saturday lunch, Saturday dinner)

Only 180 spots available!

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