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We’re not an organization – just a bunch of friends who are part of Christ the King Church in Middle Tennessee (statement of faith here). When we’re not working to pull this conference together, we strive to serve the Lord through community outreach, business start-ups, media creation, state politics, family involvement, and our local church. We're very blessed to live in a community of active Christians with different gifts and strengths, and this has given us a passion for helping others build their own teams.

Plus, we need more allies and mentors ourselves.

Looking forward to meeting you there!

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Anna Botkin
Anna is a home-based writer and graphic designer, and is currently working on a business startup. One of her biggest life passions is to help women grow in their understanding ... Read more
Elizabeth Botkin
Elizabeth has a passion for seeing others become all they can be in Christ, starting by doing all they can with what God has already given them. She's striving to ... Read more
David Tucker
David lives in Nashville and works in strategic business development and conservative political lobbying. In his time off, he enjoys spending time with family ... Read more
Noah Botkin
Noah is the support team. He makes sure computers do new things and that they don't stop doing old things. In between bouts of philosophical melancholy, he sings.