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How to Network at This Conference

Register. You'll provide info that goes into your app profile to help other attendees get to know you, including a bio, current areas of work and ministry, and your plans for future activity. You choose how much data to share and who to share it with.
Log in. For security, there's a brief approval process before you can access the app. Once in, you can learn about the goals and passions of the other attendees, and search by interests, ministry experience, and more (like so).
Connect. Message other attendees via social media platforms, or email if you're old-fashioned. There will be a private Facebook group for group discussions. We recommend that you set up meetings ahead of time to make the most of your time in-person.
Cultivate. Meet in person at the conference, participate in round-tables about your shared interests, and use the private Facebook group to keep developing relationships and opportunities in the future.


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