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Katie, 30
Just a nun who married a monk and lives in a monastery with a bunch of kids and 30 paying guests.
Town and Parish Church of St. Mary's
My name is Katie. I was raised in an immensely restrictive, legalistic, salvation-by-works cult. In my twenties, I discovered the teachings of men who were expounding the doctrine of true salvation. After escaping the cult to follow the true Christ, I ended up marrying one of those men. Together, we’re exploring how the true gospel is to be lived out - in family life, in community, in church - through business and hospitality and worship. Our home is full of joy, singing, children, visitors, and lively discussions.
Which of these do you hope to be involved in over the next ten years?
  • Business and Investing
  • Medicine, Nutrition, or Health  
  • Agriculture
  • Hospitality Ministries
  • Education and Teaching
  • Music
  • Community Service
  • Nun Ministry
What things are you working on right now?
Being a wife to my busy husband and mother to my three littles (so far!) is pretty full-time. But here are a few other things I’m do:
  • Continue overseeing renovations to the monastery given to me and my husband as a wedding present. It’s our family home, but I’ve also opened it up as a boarding house to bring in extra income. We take up to 40 students at a time, including internationals who come to learn under my husband.
  • Manage a farm, fishery, brewery, and giant garden (partly to feed the students who board with us, partly for the extra income).
  • Raise four orphans
  • Use our home as a community hospital during times of wide-spread illness; I enjoy nursing alongside the other nurses
What are some things you've done in the past?
Be a nun
What are some things you intend to do in the future?
  • Continue partnering with my husband in the spreading and living out of the gospel, however we can, showing how it transforms even the most mundane aspects of daily life
  • Continue to facilitate visitors being able to come learn from my husband
Subjects you're interested in
Theology, animal husbandry, farming, knitting, spinning, natural remedies, economics, singing, hospitality, gardening, fisheries management, brewing, cult exit-counseling, cattle-breeding, real estate
What I'm looking for at this conference
  • Allies and friends
  • People to hire
  • An apprentice
  • People who would like to serve in a ministry I've started