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William, 31
British MP and evangelical Christian, working to stop the slave trade.
Kingston Upon Hull, Yorkshire
Holy Trinity Clapham, Anglican
I've been an evangelical Christian for five years. When I was 9, my father died, and I went to live with my aunt and uncle, who were supporters of George Whitefield. There I was introduced to Real Christianity for the first time, but after I went back to live with my mother a few years later, I lost interest in religion. I attended Cambridge at 17, and when my grandfather passed away I inherited a large sum of money, and was able to stand for a seat in parliament at 21. A few years later, Doddridge's "Rise and Progress" had a great effect on my while I was on a vacation in Italy, and I was converted to Christianity in 1785. I considered quitting politics to pursue more spiritual things, but John Newton (a pastor friend of mine), encouraged me to remain and promote Christianity with my position. In 1787 I met Thomas Clarkson and his abolitionist friends, and since then the abolition of the slave trade has been one of my top priorities. So far, we make a good team: He gets me data and finds first-hand testimony, and I present bills and resolutions to parliament and argue as passionately as possible for their passage. In my spare time, I love to sing, spend time with friends, and occasionally rest at my home near London.
Which of these do you hope to be involved in over the next ten years?
  • Film and Video Production
  • Fighting Human Trafficking
  • Pro-Life Activism
  • Politics and Government
  • Missions
  • Translation and Languages
  • Evangelism and Apologetics
  • Business and Investing
  • Marketing, Advertising, and Sales
  • Hospitality Ministries
  • Education and Teaching
  • Writing
  • Music
What things are you working on right now?
  • Ending the British slave trade in the East Indies. I will be introducing my first bill to parliament early next year.
  • Advancing Christian principles in government through humanitarian reform, particularly for the lower classes.
  • Encouraging the upper classes in Britain to live like true Christians, and not just go with the cultural tide.
  • Parliamentary reform.
What are some things you've done in the past?
  • Got my MA degree from St. John's college, Cambridge two years ago.
  • Helped found the "Proclamation Society", a society aimed at suppressing the vices in England and improving the moral character of the nation.
  • Through my political connections, I encouraged King George III to issue a strong Proclamation for the Discouragement of Vice, in order to combat the rising tide of immorality in England.
  • Helped start a society for ending the slave trade in 1787. It's a cross-denominational group of men who have a single focus; ending the slave trade in Britain.
What are some things you intend to do in the future?
  • Improve education for the lower classes
  • Remind people of the importance of observing the Sabbath
  • Write a book explaining the contrast between cold, lifeless Christianity as it exists in the British upper classes, and real Christianity as it ought to be. The kind of Christianity that loves one's neighbor and exalts the authority of scripture.
  • Be politically active and learn to be effective in the political realm. My efforts so far have been stymied, but I'm always looking for better and more unique ways of fighting. I think that political change can probably be achieved by using people at all levels of society as volunteers to pressure politicians into changing.
  • Stop cruelty to animals.
Subjects you're interested in
  • Politics
  • Helping the poor
  • Foreign governments and international affairs
  • Christianity
  • The advance of Christendom
What I'm looking for at this conference
  • Collaborators in my work
  • Allies and friends
  • People who would like to serve in a ministry I've started