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Hannah, 42
A spinster bluestocking with a prolific pen. Got any social causes you need me to promote?
Holy Trinity Church, Clapham
One of five girls born into a poor pastor’s family and raised to teach school, I fell in love with poetry, literature, and theater from a young age. The success of the plays I wrote in my teens and early twenties skyrocketed me into the height of British literary and dramatic society, where I lived and mixed with all my biggest heroes -- and for a while, felt like I had arrived. But I increasingly became disillusioned with the shallowness of what I was doing “for the Lord,” and committed to start serving Him more purposefully. Now I’m trying to dedicate all my time and energies to the causes I believe are most important, using my most influential tool: my pen.
Which of these do you hope to be involved in over the next ten years?
  • Fighting Human Trafficking
  • Politics and Government
  • Scholarship and Research
  • Hospitality Ministries
  • Business and Investing
  • Education and Teaching
  • Writing
  • Community Service
What things are you working on right now?
  • Working with William Wilberforce on abolishing slavery
  • Trying to promote education and start schools for the lower-classes
  • Writing Cheap Repository Tracts for the lower-classes
  • Collaborating with the Clapham Sect on a variety of social causes
What are some things you've done in the past?
  • Teach at a prestigious boarding school for young ladies
  • Write (extremely successful) plays
  • Move in England’s literary and dramatic society
  • Write poems
What are some things you intend to do in the future?
  • Make important contributions regarding the education of women
  • Use my writing
  • whether through poems, ballads, tracts, or books -- to address needs I see in all stratas of society
  • Try to redirect the appetite for junk romance novels by writing a compelling Christian novel about choosing a spouse
  • Use proceeds from any of my published works to fund causes I think are really important
  • Open my home up as a hub for friendships, projects, groups, and causes
Subjects you're interested in
Education of women, manners, literature, politics, poetry, social causes of all kinds
What I'm looking for at this conference
  • Collaborators in my work
  • Allies and friends