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Alfred, 28
Leader of a poor but rising nation. Teaching myself to read so I can promote literacy in my country. Adopted a Viking king.
Old Minster, Winchester
I hit rock bottom seven years ago when my last surviving brother was killed in battle by the Vikings, leaving me the unprepared 21-year-old king of a war-ravaged backwater country, on the brink of total invasion. But in my darkest hour, when I and a few followers were hiding out in a marsh (and after I had just burned some cakes I was supposed to be watching), God strengthened us to win a definitive victory against the Vikings, and I baptized their king into the Christian faith. My big project right now is to build a nation on ruins, using God’s Word as the foundation for everything. I live in Wessex with my lovely wife Eahlswith and our three children.
Which of these do you hope to be involved in over the next ten years?
  • Politics and Government
  • Defense and Security
  • Translation and Languages
  • Scholarship and Research
  • Agriculture
  • Business and Investing
  • Hospitality Ministries
  • Education and Teaching
  • Writing
  • Community Service
What things are you working on right now?
Ruling Wessex/England, striving to be a good husband and father (and a good godfather to Guthram, king of the Vikings), promoting literacy and learning to my people, establishing stable currency, building fortifications against future Viking invasions, Learning Latin so I can translate Latin books into English, Building a navy and designing ships, Bringing in Scholars from other countries to educate my people
What are some things you've done in the past?
Won a book of Saxon poetry as a prize, fought the Vikings from the time I was 19, Hunting, Created the Danelaw, Wrote a doombook
What are some things you intend to do in the future?
See England free from Viking threats, and firmly established as a Christian nation, publish English translations of the books most necessary for all men to read (even if I have to translate them myself). Establish England as a center of learning and scholarship.
Subjects you're interested in
Latin, the Pastorate, biblical economics, Biblical law, military tactics, infrastructure, Saxon poems, naval warfare
What I'm looking for at this conference
  • Collaborators in my work
  • Allies and friends
  • People to hire